Sample emails are a very convenient and fast way of communication catering to every occasion, needs and requirements. Our site offer a wide range of sample emails which you can use as it is or by customizing and modifying them depending on what your purpose is. Like letters, emails can be used for both personal and official purposes. We have selected topics which are most often used and needed by individuals and organizations for correspondence. Here you will find sample emails which are written between friends, family and companies, either talking about something personal or about some formal matter.

Emails differ from letters in a few ways and we keep that in mind while formulating our sample emails.

  • Emails are usually shorter than letters, which may run up to pages. Ideally emails must be written in such a way that it does not take up too much time of the reader and passes on the message effectively
  • Write the email address of the receiver correctly because if there is one spelling error, your email won’t be sent
  • Give a subject while writing an email as it lets the reader know what it is about
  • The language and tone of the email will depend on the purpose of sending it and to whom it is being sent. Use a formal tone for official purposes and a casual one for correspondence between friends

The different types of sample emails offered by us range from business emails, complaint emails, apology emails, condolence emails, congratulatory emails, layoff emails, resignation emails, sales emails and so on.

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