Sample invoice refers to a document which contains the transaction details between a customer and a seller of goods or services where important details related to the transaction are given, like the date of purchase, name of product or service purchased, date of delivery, method of payment, warranty details and so on. This is a very important document and must be retained for record purposes and can also be used in case there is any problem with the goods, if there is any defect and the customer feels the need to return it and to solve any financial issues. Our site offers a wide range of sample invoice documents which can be used by your business or a company in order to keep track of any transactions you are involved in or you can also adjust them according to your requirements.

While creating an invoice, we always keep in mind these points:

  • The top part of the invoice contains the name, address and other contact details of the seller, followed by the registration number
  • An invoice or bill number is very important for future reference too
  • Next add the date of creating the invoice
  • Add the payment method and terms
  • Mention the customer’s name, address and other contact details
  • The body of the invoice must include the description and quantity of goods sold. Also mention the price per unit and the grand total after including tax

The different types of invoice offered by us include service invoice, trading invoice, credit invoice, debit invoice, utility bills and so on.

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