Sample testimonials are documents where a person’s achievements, his skills and personality are highlighted. These testimonials are very useful when one applies for a job or for higher studies where the authorities demand to read testimonials from reputed people in the industry. When teacher or previous employer writes something good about a candidate, he creates a good impression on the current employer who trusts the word of these people.

Sometimes when one asks you to write a testimonial, you can browse through the list of testimonials offered by us and choose one or customize it according to your requirements. Testimonials are written for students to colleges, job seekers to employers or businesses to clients. Others may be customer testimonials, book testimonials, witness testimonials and so on.

There are a few points one needs to keep in mind while creating a testimonial.

  • Honesty is very important while writing testimonials. Do not over exaggerate but keep things believable when writing a testimonial so that the reader feels convinced
  • Focus on those qualities which will help the student or candidate get selected rather than talking about everything about the person
  • Also keep in mind who is the reader of the testimonial. The language and tone of the testimonial must be adjusted according to the target reader
  • Don’t blindly write whatever someone expects you to write but use your own discretion to write what you actually feel about a person, company or product
  • Make sure there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes so that you do not create a bad impression

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